Provident Financial Group have moved into Studio G at Fenham Hall studios. Studio G is a self-contained office on the first floor of a modern building built in the grounds of Fenham Hall. Their new office provides modern facilities in the Historic grounds of Fenham Hall, with dedicated parking and visitor parking close to the City centre.

Provident provide personal credit products which are designed specifically to help those whose needs are not met by the mainstream credit market. Their primary role is to supply credit in a responsible manner to non-standard credit market customers – those with lower incomes, those with no credit history yet or a very limited credit history, those who have had problems with credit in the past but are now over those problems.

The company was established in Bradford in 1880 by Joshua Kelley Waddilove to provide affordable credit to families in West Yorkshire. The Company was first listed on the London Stock Exchange in 1962.
The company’s home credit business lends to people in their homes via a network of local agents and the new base at Fenham Hall studios will offer the staff an agents a conveniently place centre to serve the area around Newcastle upon Tyne.

(Needs approval) Speaking of the move, Newcastle Area Manager, Mark Oliver said: “We are absolutely thrilled about the move. The new office space is providing the very best working environment for our team offers our agents in the North East a modern building in a peaceful and secure environment.”
He added: “Our credit business receives a high level of customer satisfaction and one of the key factors in achieving this is being able to offer personal service to our customers. The new offices have a centrally placed location with easy access to the central motorway which greatly benefits their operations ”

Peter Lambert, Managing Director of Fenham Hall Studios said last night ”I am really pleased to have Provident Financial Services join our other business tenants here at Fenham. PFG’s locally based operations fit well with our mix of creative and internet-based businesses at Fenham Hall Studios and I look forward to working with them to ensure their high expectations for office accommodation continue to be fully met”
See more information about the services offered by Provident Financial at:-

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