If you follow our social media channels we make no secret of our love of cycling. Now that the weather is improving we like nothing better than to break out the bike, get on the pedals and get out there and put in some miles.

At Fenham Hall Studios we’re blessed to be located on a conduit of beautiful cycle routes, so whether you’re cycling from the centre of Newcastle, or from the leafy suburbs of Jesmond and Gosforth, you can be at work in less than twenty minutes having taken in some beautiful scenery along the way.

It’s for this reason that our currently available spaces are fitted out with bike storage (for six bikes), shower facilities and changing rooms to help you get fresh for the day ahead.

With all this in mind here’s five reasons we think you should be cycling to work: 

It’s Good For Your Health

Whether you’re looking to shift some of the lockdown induced Covid excess weight, or simply trying to get in some cardio to maintain overall fitness, cycling is a brilliant way to stay in shape. A 15 minute ride to and from work is an easy way to fit in the 150 minutes of exercise that’s recommended by the government health experts. 

It’s Good For Your Brain

Not only is it good for the body, it’s good for the mind. In a recent test, 91% of participants stated that regular cycling had a hugely positive effect on their mental health. Not only that, additional tests discovered that the 30 mins of aerobic exercise per day was found to improve some aspects of cognition; including your memory, reasoning and ability to plan.

Reduced Risk of Covid-19

Current advice from the Departments of Transport and Health states that in order to avoid potential infection it is best to cycle (or walk) to work wherever possible. Reducing contact with others, especially in potentially crowded environments, coupled with a greater circulation of clean air is the best way to avoid infection when travelling to work.

It’s Good For Your (and the region’s) Wallet

Not only is cycling to work a good way to save yourself money, a recent study by Cyclescheme estimates an average saving of £3000/year for those who use a bike to get to work, it’s also good for the local economy. Cyclists are more likely to stop and shop, benefiting local retailers.

A recent study by Cycling Uk has shown that if cycle use increases from 2% of all journeys to 25% by 2050, the cumulative benefits would be worth £248bn between now and 2050 for the UK – yielding annual benefits in 2050 worth £42bn.

It’s Good For The Environment

Put simply, when you factor production, fuel production and actual use of a car, for every kilometer travelled there is 271g of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere. For every kilometer travelled by bike, using the same parameters, there is only 21g of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere. That’s more than ten times less the carbon footprint. 

So if you’ve read this and think your business needs to relocate to a cycle-friendly environment get in touch here:

We currently have available a 2,362 sq. ft office capable of accommodating up to 26 staff with full 2m social distancing – further details here

Here is a video of our route from Gosforth to Fenham Hall Studios – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Ir6kk7m7n4

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