With clean air, social distancing and safe travel links now essential in post-lockdown work environments, Fenham Hall Studios is the ideal location for a business to thrive in the ever-changing world of the ‘New Normal’.

Back to work, sort of

Whilst the business world isn’t exactly ‘returning to normal’, it is returning and what many business owners will now learn is that busy city-centre locations aren’t ideal when it comes to the health of their staff, prospective clients and customers. Primarily, initial advice from the government has centred on the insistence that a consistent, clean supply of air must be ensured, i.e. reduced use of circulatory air-conditioning and to open windows to supply fresh air flow.

Now, as anyone who has spent time working in a city-centre workplace will know, this is not necessarily going to result in ‘clean’ air and is most certainly going to result in a large amount of noise pollution. Not ideal for staff wellbeing or a productive workplace.

Additionally, advice has come from on high that public transport should be avoided if necessary and that alternative methods of transport should be sought out. All well and good, but with city-centre parking at a premium, both in cost and availability, and city-centre bike lanes intimidating for all bar the most experienced of riders, this is easier said than done.

Leaving the centre

With this in mind, it’s clear that seeking to relocate to more green and quiet surroundings, very much like that of the Fenham Hall Studios location, may be the way forward when wanting to establish a healthy and efficient workplace.

Peter Lambert, owner of the office facility, which is the home of designers, research labs, health care and financial investment businesses had this to say:“We benefit from a leafy, calm and tranquil environment and stunning views of the Grade 2 listed Fenham Hall, the location could not be more different to that of a stacked up, central location.

We have dedicated tenant and visitor parking, coupled with excellent travel links that avoid the exhausting and stressful chaos of city-centre gridlock. We like to think that that the experience of working at Fenham Hall Studios is as calm and relaxing as can be environmentally possible.”

Studio J is just on the market offering some 1,535 sq. ft. of self contained office space with tall double glazed windows offering plenty of fresh air ventilation. It has its own WCs and Staff Room with tea prep area.

For further details see – https://www.fenhamhallstudios.com/offices-to-let/studio-j/

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